Designed by Teacher of the Year award winners to meet students where they are, no prior experience with computer coding or Virtual Reality is required to participate in this class.

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EyeQXL presents the VR Foundations Academy

The Virtual Reality Foundations Academy is a standards-based coding course that introduces Unity programming skills, computational thinking, JavaScript and Virtual Reality to middle school students.

Built for middle and high school students The VRFA provides standards-based, cross-disciplinary, project-based learning through a low floor, high ceiling approach to instruction.

Teach your students to code

The VRFA is easy to implement and is designed to fit into semester, year long or after-school schedules.

All courses include:

    A standards-based coding curriculum:

  • Multiple Learn-by-Doing Projects that introduce students to coding principles for Virtual Reality, JavaScript, Processing, and Game Design.
  • Top Tier Professional Development and Ongoing Educator Support:

  • 8 hours of live PD training with live-chat troubleshooting hotline
  • A diverse lab of online training tools including EyeQXL Educator Certification

Student Project Demo

Medieval Village: Students will design and create their own medieval villages that they can walk around and explore inside VR.

Easy Implementation, Effective Education

The Virtual Reality Foundations Academy readies middle school students for high school AP Computer Science success by making sure our academic objectives are aligned with the 7 principles of AP Computer Science.

Aligned To The 7 Principles of AP Computer Science VRFA Core Practices

  1. Data and Information Science
  2. Abstract thinking
  3. Algorithms
  4. Computational Thinking and Creative Problem Solving
  5. Fundamental Programming Skills
  6. Principles of the Cloud and the Internet
  7. Global Impact of Technology on Society

Less than 30% of American Schools offer a college and career-ready coding curriculum. Ready your students for jobs of the future

Computer Science S-T-E-M projects

  1. Processing: Intro to Coding, Action & Interaction- Prepares students for JavaScript Programming with Processing
  2. Virtual Reality: History & Introduction to Immersive Learning Demos with the OculusGo
  3. JavaScript: Build Your Own Paint Program with PenMonster - Students discover user interaction in JavaScript by building their own “paint games”
  4. Gaming: Build Your Own Arcade Game in Outer Space- Students learn programming to create a “Space Dodger” game
  5. Caesar Cypher: Cryptography and the “Secret Code”- Students learn algorithmic thinking and cryptography by implementing Caesar’s famous cypher
  6. Virtual Reality: Introduction to Unity and making a downtown scene
  7. Capstone Project: VR Village

Give your students skills for the future