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Hi, As a California Teacher of the Year award winner I am proud to share with you one of the most exciting and dynamic curricular projects I’ve ever been a part of creating. Our company, EyeQXL, is teaching middle and high school students how to code for new technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, cybersecurity, blockchain, and more. As we all know, kids love learning with technology. But our use of cutting edge tech to teach an academic standards-based curriculum is not simply about the high engagement in the classroom; this is about the fact that coding is the literacy of the 21st century. When you look at the available jobs, the average starting salary for people who own real-world coding skills, the growth rate for technology and computer science careers… no matter how you slice it, in order to prepare our kids with the skills they need for the future, it’s now time to value coding in the same way we value history, English, science and math. Unfortunately, however, the majority of our schools do not teach coding. And rare are the schools that offer their students the opportunity to graduate with high-need industry certifications in emerging billion-dollar technologies. It’s time for this to change. I invite you to explore our diverse series of cross curricular, project-based learning modules that are efficaciously aligned with mandates of a rigorous, standards-based curriculum. Our approach is Low Floor/High Ceiling. Low floor means we have removed the barriers to entry so even a beginning student with no prior programming experience can take our courses. High ceiling means learners can build professional level content and earn accreditations in high-need careers where there is an enormous talent shortage. And of course, all of our instruction is customized so that we meet learners where they are while never forgetting that the professional development of teachers is core to the success of all instruction. At EyeQXL we believe in the power of great teaching. And we’re attaining lots of success. You can, too. Contact us now to explore how we can partner together to set your students on a pathway for success in a world changed by technology. Wishing you and your kids all the best,
Alan Sitomer

Adrian Shmotolocha

Adrian Schmotolocha Operations

  • Global Media Distribution Specialist
  • Former C.O.O./C.F.O
Alan Sitomer

Alan Sitomer Leader

  • California Teacher of the Year Award Winner
  • Author Scholastic, Disney
Michael Cirelli

Michael Cirelli Content

  • 501c3 Executive Director
  • Raised 10M for national arts and literacy programs

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