Getting Started What You Need To Start

Does my school already need to have a full staff of Computer Science teachers in order to bring the VR Coding Academy to my school?

No. EyeQXL recognizes that many schools would like to have more qualified and certified computer science teachers on their staff. That’s why we train your teachers and provide full professional development. When you bring the VRCA to your school, we provide:
  • Live on-site PD
  • Rich resource library
  • Training manual
  • Certificate of completion
  • Instructional videos

What does the Professional Development look like?

The professional development program is designed to equip teachers and facilitators with the framework and support to expertly lead your students through the curriculum. These professional development sessions are led by EyeQXL’s coding instruction specialists and allow teachers to get an overview of the online curriculum, Unity platform, all necessary software information (and user-friendly download instructions), customer support information, and all curriculum goals and projects.

What do I have to download to prepare for the course?

In order to prepare your classroom/computer lab for the successful launch of EyeQXL courses, you will need to download Unity3D, as well as Blender and GIMP. Our Professional Development Manual offers step-by-step download instructions, and details on how to acquire educational licenses.