Frequently Asked Questions

Society’s mass adoption of technology has reshaped the global workforce, altered the skill sets required for career success, and created new methods by which learners are best educated. EyeQXL uses Teacher of the Year Award winners and research-based best practices to create college and career ready students who own critical aptitudes aligned to job market needs.

EyeQXL knows the research proves that “Learning by Doing” is the most expedient way for a student to comprehend and retain information, skills, and concepts. This is why EyeQXL builds real-world skills aligned to job market needs in order to prepare students for college and career success and solve talent shortages in high-growth, high-need industries through experiential learning. By using immersive technologies such as AR/VR/AI to create virtual environments within which learners actually experience history, science, the arts and other core subject matter, EyeQXL provides a superior teaching method to reading from books or passively receiving lectures from instructors. Experiential Learning, having students learn by doing, while tapping the power of data and multi-sensory technology is the researched-based, best practice approach underpinning our products.

EyeQXL uses new technologies such as AR and VR to improve the way we educate students by immersing learners in real-world scenarios to build real-world skills that are aligned to college and career readiness. Through multi-sensory technology education, students can:

  • perform open heart surgery on virtual patients
  • sit at the knee of Abraham Lincoln as he delivers the Gettysburg address
  • experience the savagery of battling gladiators in the Roman Coliseum

Because research shows the human brain recalls simulated experiences as if they were actual experiences, immersing learners in real-world contexts through multi-sensory technology makes people feel as if they have actually participated in an event even when they have only participated through virtual simulation. This means we can:

  • Train fighter pilots without having to put trainees into actual jets
  • Allow chemists to mix and match ingredients on the Periodic Table without risking a real life explosion
  • Immerse students in historical events like the Salem Witch trials without having to burn innocent victims

Multi-sensory technology has enabled a paradigm shift in a 643 billion dollar global education market. EyeQXL seizes this opportunity by:

  • Building career skills for a technology-based workforce
  • Employing multi-sensory technology to distribute experiential education
  • Operating an all-inclusive, turn-key delivery system

By solving talent shortages in high-growth industries, utilizing AR/VR/AI to elevate learner performance, and creating, curating and aggregating educational IP, EyeQXL sets the standards, specs & protocols for experiential education.

EyeQXL trains and retrains people who need to obtain job skills being displaced, altered or entirely eliminated by technology, outsourcing and evolving global markets. The onslaught of these three forces creates a customer base in the tens of millions.

Remediating and reimagining the misaligned curriculum of contemporary schools (who are falling short of adequately preparing our students with the skills they need for college and career success) is our objective in the 643 billion dollar global educational marketplace.

Because over 1 million technology jobs at a cost of $500BN in lost wages will go unfilled due to a shortage of skilled workers, EyeQXL will provide vital computer science learning curriculum so that high school graduates are prepared with the skills they need for success in a high growth jobs market.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 37.5 percent growth by 2022 in the "computer systems design and related services" industry but only 4 in 10 schools nationwide currently are teaching computer science classes, according to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. Given the changes wrought by technology that are altering industry across the globe, the time is right to establish EyeQXL because our schools must provide an newly imagined and properly aligned curriculum for college and career ready success.