Educators' Unity Institute Unity Bootcamp for Teachers

About Our Bootcamp This month-long intensive is for teachers and educators who want to teach Unity and C# programming. The VRCA Unity Certification Bootcamp distills course objectives, goals and benchmarks, while preparing teachers to attain full Unity certification. Our blended-learning training program incorporates live online, and virtual professional development and curriculum, over the course of 4 weeks (60 hours total).

This Bootcamp Includes

  1. Pre-assessment Survey for Teachers *
  2. 3 Days of Live Training
  3. 4 Weeks of Online Curriculm Training and Preparation (8 hours per week)
  4. Weekly Live Virtual Training and Q&A (2 hours per week)
  5. Unity Exam Practice Tests
  6. Unity Exam Registration for All Participating Teachers
  7. Each Teach recieves a Virtual Reality Head Mounted Device
  8. Full Virtual Reality Coding Academy Course Access & Online Support Resources
  9. Post-Exam Training Support (2-weeks, and includes additional Unity Exam registration)

* This course requires basic computer science background, and/or basic programming understanding.

More Information

Each section of the VRCA Unity Certification Bootcamp for Teachers presents topic areas as set out in the Unity certification requirements; when subsequent lessons pair with corresponding exam questions. This course offers a comprehensive program to understand the Unity platform, as well as game and app development, and Virtual Reality and 3D game/environment development.